Embodied Facilitator

Mark Walsh

Mark Walsh has dedicated his life to embodied learning.

He founded the Embodiment Unlimited, Embodied Yoga Principles (EYP) and Europe’s first embodied business training company, Integration Training. He has taught in fifty countries and made embodiment available online through a YouTube channel with over 14 million hits.

More recently, he founded The Embodiment Podcast, and in 2018, launched the ground-breaking Embodiment Conference, which was attended by over 500,000 people in 2020. He is also an author of The Embodiment  - ‘Moving beyond Mindfulness’ and co-author of the bestseller Embodied Meditation.

He has an honours degree in psychology, an aikido black-belt, 25+ years of yoga practice and has trained with various body-mind masters and in various approaches, including NonViolent Communication, Feldenkrais, conscious dance, Being-In-Movement, Improv, MMA, Leadership Embodiment, body psychotherapy and meditation.

Generally, these days he dedicates himself to teaching other teachers and mentoring young embodiment teachers, but in the past his working experience ranged from peace and trauma projects in war zones to international corporate clients.

Based in Brighton UK, he likes cats, his wife Daria, and feels ridiculous writing about himself in the third person.

Mark’s direct, honest, clear and humorous way of teaching will not leave you indifferent. He is sourcing from extensive experiences in a variety of embodied practices and applying what works into everyday life situations. His way of integrating different practices is bringing fresh and genius tools to help you tap into the body’s immense wisdom without nonsense. 

Mark Walsh at the Wellbe Festival:


Yoga Beyond the Bullshit

The Depth Psychology of Yoga

Yoga Off the Mat


Embodied Meditation

Spanda Institute

Nina Vukas

Nina is an experienced Yoga Teacher E-RYT 500, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Meditation Teacher, and Body-Oriented Psychotherapist.

A founder of Spanda institute, she organises and leads 200 and 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training courses worldwide. Always a student, she is currently attending 800-hour Yoga Therapy training and studying psychology.

Nina’s Yoga journey started in 1998, when she moved to London to live and study. She began teaching during her first Yoga Teacher Training in the US in 2005 and didn’t stop since. In 2006 she had moved back to her hometown Zagreb, and opened Sangha Yoga studio, where she taught classes, workshops and Teacher Training courses for over a decade.

Today Nina lives in Portugal with her partner and their beloved dog Seeta. 

Nina Vukas at the Wellbe Festival:


Fearless Heart

Ground and Let go


Teachers' Intensive

Motivational Speaker

Sean Swarner

Sean Swarner is the first cancer survivor to stand on top of the world... Mt. Everest.

With only one functioning lung, a prognosis of fourteen days to live, and being in a medically-induced coma for a year,  Sean has broken through defined human limitations in order to redefine the way the world views success.

Sean was diagnosed with two deadly, different, and unrelated forms of cancer, once at the age of thirteen and again at the age of sixteen. After an incredibly poor prognosis, and being read his last rites, Sean astounded the medical community when he survived both these brutal diseases. He realized that after defeating cancer twice, no challenge would ever be too great, no peak too high.

Sean proved his theory when he crested the peak of Mt. Everest. As the first cancer survivor to do so, Sean decided to continue climbing and has since topped the highest peaks in Africa, Europe, South America, Australia, Antarctica, and North America, thus completing the “7-Summits”. Upon skiing to both the South and the North Poles, Sean completed the Explorer’s Grand Slam.

With the completion of the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii, Sean is the only person in history to accomplish these inhuman feats.

As Sean continues to defy the odds, test his own endurance and inspire and motivate people around the world, he shares his message of healing, hope, and triumph with cancer patients worldwide. Sean also serves as a source of inspiration as the founder of the non-profit organization, The CancerClimber Association, as author of the book “Keep Climbing,” and as a motivational speaker to corporations, universities, and other organizations around the globe.

Sean Swarner at the Wellbe Festival:


Healing, Hope, and Triumph


Valeria and Francesco Semino

Creating connections with others using movement, playfulness and creativity - expect to laugh, smile and play.

Francesco is an acrobatic and circus soul. Handstands and hand to hand, movement and games are his specialties. Valeria has dedicated herself to the various branches of Yoga, meditation, training and Acroyoga practice. She loves to combine control, tightness and stability with smoothness and lightness.

Francesco and Valeria Semino, aka Acroseeds, have been practicing together for almost 10 years. They have trained with the main international schools of Acroyoga and have been teaching since 2012. Both are certified as Acroyoga International Immersion teachers  and Acroyoga Montreal teachers level 2. They transmit with passion the teachings received from their coaches.

Francesco is the acrobatic and circus soul, he began his career with Paolo dei Giudici in Milan, he is a certified Solar Immersion AYI and Partner Acrobatics Teacher. Handstands and hand to hand, movement and games are his specialties.

Valeria, since the discovery of body wisdom, has dedicated herself to the various branches of Yoga, meditation, training and Acroyoga practice, mainly from the flyer’s point of view. She loves to combine control, tightness and stability with smoothness and lightness. Together with their two children, Giacomo and Elia, they travel and share their practice, a lifestyle, a van and many dreams that they try to achieve … in an attempt to live easily the teachings of metta, karuna, mudita and upekkha.

Acroseeds at the Wellbe Festival:


Acroyoga – Hand2hand Wonderland

Acroyoga – Acrojedi Toolbox

Acroyoga – Playing with Creativity

Organic Movement Flow

Handstand Class


Yin Yoga

Liquid Flow Yoga

Simon Park

Liquid Flow Yoga - a beautiful alchemy of classical and modern Yoga.

Simon’s free-style Vinyasa is fluid, intuitive, and encourages freedom through self expression. Simon is profoundly influenced by his core teachers for the past 20+ years: Shiva Rea, Richard Freeman, Maty Ezraty, Joan White, and Dharma Mitra. His blend of these influences finds a beautiful alchemy in his style, Liquid Flow Yoga, a mix of classical and modern Yoga. 

Simon began his Yoga journey in 1995 with Shiva Rea in the World Arts and Cultures Department at UCLA. Soon thereafter, he became immersed in the great atmosphere of the original YogaWorks studios in Santa Monica where he completed his first teacher training with Maty Ezraty in 1998.

A move home to Philadelphia led to an opportunity to study with senior Iyengar Teacher, Joan White, and the legendary yogi Dharma Mittra.

After apprenticing with Shiva Rea as an assistant, Simon began leading his own workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats - eventually worldwide.

In 2007, Yoga Journal acclaimed Simon as, “one of the most influential and gifted Yoga teachers of the next generation.” His free-style Vinyasa is fluid, intuitive, and encourages freedom through self expression.

Simon is profoundly influenced by the teachings of Shiva Rea, Richard Freeman, Maty Ezraty, Joan White, and Dharma Mitra - his core teachers for the past 20+ years. Simon's blend of these influences finds a beautiful alchemy in his style, Liquid Flow Yoga, a mix of classical and modern Yoga.

Recently, Simon returned to his educational roots by creating a Yoga Program for Princeton University. 

Dubbed the "Flying Nomad," he draws inspiration from road legends such as Jimi Hendrix who aptly stated, “the Earth is my home.” 

Simon Park at the Wellbe Festival:


Liquid Flow Yoga


Teachers' Intensive


Nahuel Menéndez

Nahuel’s personal and professional movement journey of more than 20 years led him through the fields of Martial Arts, Dance, Yoga, and Calisthenics, searching for a practice that would integrate physical, mental, and emotional balance. Inspired by Animal Flow, he combined all his knowledge into Nawuemovement, a practice that changed his life onto a path to well-being and integrated harmony. 

Nahuel created Nawuemovement as a practice that not only strengthens muscles, joints, and mobility but also deepens inward attention and leads to being present in the body. The practice builds upon natural movement, inspired by how free we move as children before we unlearn it and start to fit in modern society. How does it feel? Like a space to play, flow, balance without judgment, an invitation to discover and expand into your potential. Even if you have never done those movements before in conscious practice, inhabiting their different nuances will make your body remember something of an ancestral quality - how it feels to be one holistic system of body, emotion, and mind. How it actually feels to be human.

More than two years ago he dedicated himself to sharing these transformative tools with every human being, at the moment with in-person classes in Argentina and online for the whole world.

Nahuel's workshops, which you can experience at the Wellbe Festival, are mainly focused on flows and specially designed for: 

- People who want to connect and develop their physical capacities in a conscious and integrative way, with or without experience in physical exercise.

- Professionals in movement and similar fields who are looking for innovative techniques to add another perspective to their work.

Nahuel Menéndez at the Wellbe Festival:


Introduction to Nawuemovement

Nawuemovement - Extended Body

Nawuemovement - Dynamic Balances

Musical Performance

Miriam Hanika & Simon Popp

Miriam and Simon met while studying music at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich. Miriam, with her transcendent voice and piano accompanied by Simon, a versatile drummer with a passion for rare percussion instruments, connects elements of classical western music with traditional sounds and rhythms from all over the world. 

With original songs and inspired covers, vibrant improvisations and mantras interpreted in a contemporary way, these two world-class talents will uplift your yoga experience to new heights.  

Miriam Hanika & Simon Popp at the Wellbe Festival:

Musical Performance

(on Friday, the 3rd of June at 19:00)

Aerial Yoga

Dana Auguštin

Dana Auguštin graduated from the Centre National des Arts du Cirque in France (Aerial Silks, 2008) and from the Academy of Fine Arts in Slovenia (Sculpture, 2005).  
Since the year 2003, she is actively engaged in pedagogical work, performances, and shows. 
As certificated Yoga, Aerial Yoga and Face Yoga teacher she leads Yoga Teachers Training courses, aerial yoga, face yoga, micromovement yoga, aerial silks, and aerial workout programs in Slovenia, abroad, and online.
She worked and performed with different collectives (groups), choreographers and artists in Europe and overseas.
Dana Auguštin at the Wellbe Festival:


Aerial Yoga

Aerial Silks

Aerial Workout


Erika Gioahin

Erika Gioahin is the founder of the company Fermentarnica, with a master's degree in Microbiology. She has been involved in fermented food as an amateur as well as professional for many years. She started researching the field of fermented food due to the positive effect of probiotic food with prebiotic on the stability of the human microbiome. Erika believes that maintaining an optimal microbiome is key to our well-being, good metabolism, stable immune system, optimal cognitive function and our body's supply of micronutrients that nourish the body from within.
The desire to develop food that nourishes our body and nourishes it from within has led her to impart knowledge of the preparation of fermented foods in the form of workshops and to the development of various fermented products of plant origin. She wanted to offer herbivores and lactose sensitive healthier plant substitutes, so the path led her to develop her own line of plant-based fermented milk substitutes, called CHIZO na Mizo, which can be found in the form of fermented spreads, cream cheeses and moldy cheese.
Erika Gioahin at the Wellbe Festival:


Fermented vegetables and fruits - KIMCHI and APPLE-WALNUT CHATNI


Monika Golja

Monika is a flower child, a lady with a wide smile and sparkles in her eyes. Cultural anthropologist by profession, though by nature, she is an artist, gatherer, wild woman, scout, nature lover, and beauty hunter.

In the last years, Monika is dedicated to collecting wild edible, and beautiful plants. The first ones she puts in a pot and from the latter she designs unique floral creations. 

Monika Golja at the Wellbe Festival:


Wild Plants in the Kitchen


Flowers in Your Hair

Forest Yoga

Andreja Košir

Andreja is a teacher of Hatha Yoga and Yoga for Children as well as a Forest Bathing guide. She is the co-founder of the brand Exploring Forest, under which she creates and implements unique boutique forest experiences with a sustainable note. Her vision is to raise awareness of the potential of the forest environment in the field of health and well-being, thus encouraging people of all generations to spend as much time as possible in the forest.

Although she spends a lot of time alone, working with people inspires her and encourages her to follow her heart's vision every day. “I want to enrich my time and existence on Earth with a deeper meaning and positively influence people around me, to help make the world a little friendlier and brighter. ”

From an early age, she knew that she wanted more out of life than society imagines and dictates. She always went to nature for peace and inspiration. Where there is silence, where time flows differently and where there is no constant rush. As she says, her best decision was not to give in to social norms and expectations, but to create a slightly different, more colorful life for herself. A life based on freedom, courage, heartiness, openness, honesty, genuine interpersonal relationships and caring for Mother Nature.

Andreja Košir at the Wellbe Festival:


Forest Yoga


Forest Bathing

Jose Silva Ultramind Method

Brigita Langerholc

Brigita is a former Olympic athlete, Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Jose Silva Ultramind method instructor and holder, and activator of Light language codes.

She is a wife, mother to three mischievous girls, and explorer of human potentials, that we all hide inside us. 

Professional sport has taught her to feel her own body, understanding her mind and the potentials that each holds within. With continuous work on ourselves, we not only reach these potentials, but we can even exceed them. With different techniques and tools, Brigita can help you to break through your potentials, solve everyday challenges and create a world as you want to live! 

She is the bringer of the Highest love and of Wisdom of New Earth. Her purpose is to guide you to experience yourself in authenticity, truthness and unveil your gifts. 

We were all given certain powers and our mission is to fulfill our purpose and share it with the world.

Brigita Langerholc at the Wellbe Festival:



Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Katarina Marinč

Katarina is a certified kundalini yoga teacher, multi therapist, author and teacher of universal laws and portals and an international speaker.

She’s Slovene living in France with her husband Jérôme Boujon, also a kundalini yoga teacher who will sing mantras during Katarina’s yoga classes and gift us with a Wellbe mantra circle on Saturday night. The last 30 years Katarina has one ever lasting passion - a passion for teaching: from languages, theatre, wild edible flowers to sacred geometry, yoga and the laws of the universe.

Katarina Marinč at the Wellbe Festival:


Kundalini Yoga

Home Wellness

Tina Markun

Tina believes that well-being begins in our homes and that a tidy home is essential to living the way we want.

Studying with Marie Kondo, author of the international hit "The Art of Cleaning - A Tidy Apartment Will Change Your Life", Tina has combined 20 years of work experience in communications and public relations with an interest in arranging spaces into a unique counselling service to help individuals, couples and families organise an apartment or house once and for all and make room for what means most to them. The effect of a tidy home is much deeper than cleanliness, as it affects the way one feels and promotes simplicity and sensuality.

Through workshops on how an organized home and tidy work environment influence creativity, productivity, concentration and organization, she motivates employees in companies to achieve goals and to increase satisfaction both at work and in private life. She is the first certified consultant for the Marie Kondo method in Slovenia.

Tina Markun at the Wellbe Festival:


Tidy Home, Clear Thoughts

Tidy Home, New Beginning

Tidy Home for Inspiration and Well-being

Creative Thinking

Nastja Mulej

Thinking trainer and facilitator, organizer of unique events, a good person.

Nastja’s vision is to help people live in a tolerant and innovative society of well-being for all. Therefore her mission is to bring thinking (as a separate subject) into every school, establish an Idea-manager (as a position) into every organisation and seed Positive Psychology virtues in every mind and heart.

Nastja Mulej is a trainer of thinking. She earned 4 diplomas and took many jobs before she became her own boss as a exquisite facilitator and excellent lecturer on creativity, innovation, collaboration and leadership.

She is the only trainer of de Bono thinking tools (Six Thinking Hats, Lateral Thinking, Simplicity, The Power of Perception, Six Value Medals) in Slovenia and all the countries of ex-Yugoslavia. 

She is also a trainer of The Art of Innovation and I.D.E.A.S! model by Dimis Michaelides. 

In 2021 she won a Golden, Bronze and Special Award of the Chamber of Commerce and was proclaimed the second-best business speaker and workshop trainer in 2020.

Nastja is a co-founder and co-organiser of Positive Psychology events (6 events years, over 200 lectures in the past 10 year), co-organiser of Creative Leadership seminars at the Chamber of Commerce (over 35 different seminars in the past 7 years) and co-organiser of the Creative Conference (7 in the past 10 years) and Slovenian representative of Creativity and Innovation Day and Week.

Nastja Mulej at the Wellbe Festival:


What Creativity is. And isn't.

How to get 100 ideas in a few minutes.

How to get the right idea.

Sound Creator

Primož Oberžan

Primož Oberžan is a musician, philosopher and cultural sociologist.

The man who creates the future from the waste of modernity. Since 2005 he has been working as a freelance artist in the field of music and sound research. As a musician and performer, he is involved in many artistic creations and performances. He creates innovative musical and instrumental sound sculptures. Primož also formed the successful Slovenian band The Stroj. With sound he creates a rhythmic environment in which people indulge in co-creating their inner balance.

His work revolves around the following topics: critical usage of technology, waste making, industrial aesthetics and do-it-yourself approach. He creates sound for people and helps develop one's favourable internal state.

“Music can be a person’s personal therapy. These are strong therapeutic effects, as well as living art that man through creative activity changes the conceptions and perceptions of the environment. It's a learning process, research and experimentation, where we develop our own life experience. ”

Primož Oberžan at the Wellbe Festival:


Musical Therapy

Yoga for Kids

Maja Podpečan

Maja is the ideological leader of Mali Ganeša. She got the idea of ​​yoga for children while writing her dissertation.

She first encountered yoga as a high school student, but she started practicing regularly in 2014, at one of the most difficult moments in her life. It was then that yoga supported her, showed her the way forward and gave her strength. Immediately, a great love for yoga was born, so she wanted to deepen her knowledge and began to educate herself.

With regular exercise, she had the opportunity to learn about the positive effects of yoga. She found peace and quiet within herself, so she was even more aware of the noisy environment she encountered every day while working in kindergarten. Due to the many positive changes she has experienced, she has started to incorporate yoga into her work with children as well. The children immediately fell in love with her and always looked forward to being with her. The influence of yoga on children's behavior was later presented in her dissertation.

In 2015, she attended the Fairytale Yoga training with Urška Božič Križaj. The following year, she completed a 200-hour Hatha Yoga teacher's course with Nataša Rhind-Tutt and Eva Debevec, and at the same time obtained a diploma for professional work in sports, 2nd level, Yoga Teacher JZS 300hrs. She passed the YAI International Yoga Certificate for Children in 2018 at Cayetana Rodenas, and under her guidance she also did yoga for teenagers a year later. In 2019, she met Mino Morrgan, who took her into the world of yoga with a hammock and took a Unnata Areial yoga teacher training course.

Maja is a teacher and a student at the same time. He is constantly improving her knowledge. In addition to education, she builds her knowledge through experience working with children. It is the children who are her greatest teachers. She is an educator in the Najdihojca kindergarten. She runs yoga for children in cooperation with several kindergartens in Ljubljana and organizations throughout Slovenia.

It was the children who inspired her to create the first Slovenian Yoga Cards for children.

Maja Podpečan at the Wellbe Festival:


Yoga for Kids


Gašper Stojc

Gašper is a comprehensive human - theatrical, improviser, scout, slackliner, juggler, carver, almost always barefoot wildman. His life motto is: “Spontaneity is on the spot.”

Gašper pushes his mind and body beyond imaginable. He started to train slackline because at first he really suck at it. With practice, he became one of the most active and innovative Slovenian slackliners. These days he pursues the beginner's mind on highlines (slacklines set a few 10 meters above ground), where he continues to overcome fears and learns to relax his body and mind in extreme situations. 

In theater, Gašper expresses creativity and love for youth work. He is also a proud volunteer. 

Gašper Stojc at the Wellbe Festival:


Slackline Exercise

Slackline Walk

Life in Colours

Vita Trefalt

Vita in Latin means life. Everyday colors of the life we choose for ourselves.

Vita’s colors are in the first place bound to the energy of mandalas. She has been drawing them since 2017. Her professional path started as a kindergarten teacher, but later she found her purpose in healing mandalas. She feels a unique intuitive message with each mandala she draws. This is how she enjoys a meditative journey, blends with the mystic, and shares this passion with others. While drawing mandalas Vita is raising awareness for herself and others, she learns and meets new people and grows as a person. 

As an individual soul of the Earth, Vita feels at best when in movement and in nature. Nature is Vita’s true home. At the same time, nature is her biggest wound as she is having a hard time accepting human attitudes toward animals and all living beings.  

Traveling is what widens her horizons of the unity of our planet and civilization. When visiting different corners of the Earth she most feels the impermanence and brevity of current life.

Vita Trefalt at the Wellbe Festival:

Creative Expression

Dotting Mandala on Stone

Drawing Watercolor Mandalas

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