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Wellbe Open Stage

Introducing local practitioners on the Open Stage

Every visitor of the festival with expertise in the field of yoga and well-being has a chance to visit the Open Stage with their workshop and present their practice. For more info and a reservation of a spot, please write to: welcome@wellbefest.com

Everyone, festival attendees as well as passers-by, will be able to attend the practices at the Open Stage.

Open Stage Presenters

Bioenergy and Alternative Therapy

Urška Kovačič

Urška is a class teacher by profession and a certified practitioner of bioenergy and alternative therapy. In her free time she deals with different relaxation techniques and alternative approaches to treatment.

She started her career with the master's thesis Visualization Technique as a Possible Way to Reduce Stress Related to Knowledge Tests in Elementary School Students, in which she researched how we can help students by using various relaxation techniques such as visualization, meditation, mindfulness, etc. to increase their ability to concentrate and remember more than they would otherwise. She is also introducing relaxation education in the school space, where she teaches students relaxation techniques and, with the support of the school management, she also expands and influences the teaching staff.

As the results of her work are positive, she tries to expand her practice not only in Slovenian and foreign schools, as she does with lectures and workshops at both domestic and international conferences, but also to bring it closer to all people for use in everyday life for good mental health. In her company Time for the Soul, she offers people various services to pamper their soul and body and train them for a healthy, conscious and happy life.

In cooperation with the Snovik thermal baths, she conducts sound baths and lectures on the topic of mental health, and with the support of the student club, she also conducts workshops to strengthen mental health with young people in the Sevnica Youth Center.


Urška Kovačič at the Wellbe Open Stage



Art psychotherapy with adults promotes a conscious approach to the unconscious, as the creative process gradually reveals unconscious feelings, forgotten memories ... In this way the participant can consciously monitor their development through art therapy, which promotes the principles of self-help and self-healing.

When we draw certain objects without knowing why we are doing it, it is about using the unconscious mind, which we also call intuitive drawing. When we draw and paint these objects, we access information from the unconscious and higher consciousness. With the help of artistic creation, children and young people can safely explore their emotions and find solutions, while the art therapist guides them, helps them overcome their fears and encourages their development. Fine art is a child's own way of expression, a medium in which he feels comfortable and confident. Through drawing and painting, children express their physical, emotional and cognitive development.

In the art therapy workshop, we will use intuitive drawing and coloring mandalas to access our unconscious mind. In this way, we will train ourselves in connecting with our higher selves and gain insight into our repressed emotions and fears. By accessing the unconscious, we will thus more easily embark on the path of conscious living and realize our full potential.



At the sound bath workshop, we will indulge in the sounds of gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, wind chimes, ocean drums… and bathe each of our cells in a vibration of health and harmony. Sound vibrations will help us feel our essence again, listen to the symphony of our soul and return to the path of spiritual mission on Earth, cleared of blockage, filled with peace and lightness and full of energy.

Ancient musical instruments, the GONGI, reconnect us to the Earth, to its frequency, the vibration of our HEART, scattering like golden drops across the meridians from our heart center. By opening our hearts, they help us transform trapped feelings of anger, sadness, and develop compassion and love.

From there they penetrate to each of our cells, where their purity clears their DNA records, resets them to their original frequency of health and harmony (cell membrane opens, allowing oxygen and nutrients to flow, blood cell capacity increases, cells become larger, more healthy) our bodies are cleared of all blockages, blocked energy in the body is released, tensions in the body are released, brain frequency is reduced (in the THETA STATE, which is achieved during sonic massage, BODY SELF-HEALING is activated), and heart rate adjusts to the normal number of beats per minute.

We perceive this release of energy as a pleasant tingling sensation in some parts of our body. After bathing in this SOUND BATH, we have a feeling similar to several hours of quality sleep, and the feeling of lightness and peace usually continues the next day.

Listening to the sound of gongs also affects the VAGUS NERVE (originates in the brain and travels down the body and revitalizes the RESPIRATORY SYSTEM, HEART and DIGESTIVE, is the fundamental regulator of the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for restoring relaxation after responding to stress) has a connection to the eardrum. With a soothing sound vibration, we stimulate the vagus nerve to relax our body, which helps the body heal naturally.

The vibration of the gong can also be felt on the physical body, as the power of its vibrations when played on it through our skin is transmitted through our body (consisting of 80% WATER, which is an ideal carrier of vibrations from the environment) into blood, internal organs, tissues, all the way to cellular memory. In this way, they cause a BENEFICIAL MASSAGE of all CELLS. Sound vibrations also affect our NERVOUS SYSTEM as they inhibit stress and pain stimuli.

During the sonic bath, we can feel the energy ascending along our spine along the central energy channel. In doing so, it establishes the smooth circulation of energy throughout our body, which supplies our energy centers (CHAKRAS), so that they can take full care of the health and vitality of our internal organs.

In addition to the earth gong, I also combine gongs during sound therapy, which open the 6th and 7th chakras, help us access deep inner silence, connect us with our SELF-SELF, give us a sense of bliss and serenity as we CONNECT WITH DIVINE ENERGY IN US. By connecting with the higher self during the sound bath, we often come to insights and messages that only it sends us and thus directs us to our spiritual path and mission. By accessing the unconscious during sound therapy, we are thus able to become aware of repressed traumas and trapped emotions that keep us from living ourselves fully and lovingly.

Verbasana yoga studio

Izabela Marić

Izabela is a certified yoga teacher (RYT200, RYT300, RYT800), yoga therapist (RYT200), indologist and certified holistic life coach by Radiant Coaches Academy in the USA. She is the president of the Croatian Yoga Federation and the founder of Verbasana yoga studio in Zagreb, Croatia.

In the Verbasana studio she teaches Hatha Vinyasa yoga classes, Prenatal yoga for pregnant women, Kids yoga, individual yoga therapy classes and holistic life coaching. She organizes yoga retreats in Croatia and India. Izabela also teaches meditation practice online at Radiant Coaches Academy in the USA.

She studied yoga, ayurveda and yoga therapy for four years with yogacharya Jadranko Miklec at the Institute for Yoga and Ayurveda Sun (RYT800), also yoga at S-VYASA Yoga University in Bangalore, India (RYT300) and at the Gaia Center in Zagreb, Croatia (RYT200). She is a member of the Shanti yoga group that performs choreographies based on yoga positions to promote the peace and joy that practicing yoga brings to body, mind and spirit. As a graduate Indologist since 2004, she travels to India almost every year to learn more about yoga at its source and can’t wait to share everything she has learned.

Izabela firmly believes that you are the designer of your life, the author of your reality and the creator of your world and she looks forward to helping you on your journey to reconnect with yourself and lead you to build a life rooted in love, purpose and joy through yoga. 

She is very grateful to have had the opportunity to co-author the anthology "Radiant Self" on Amazon. The title of her chapter is ‘Just be yourself’, where she writes and shares stories about how to live a brighter life, how to make your dreams come true and how to find and live yourself. She is currently writing a book on prenatal yoga.


Izabela Marić at the Wellbe Open Stage


A healthy and vital pregnancy is the key to a healthy mother who has the strength and energy to give birth and energy for the needs of her new baby.

In Prenatal Yoga classes, we connect with the baby, learn to relax and indulge, and prepare for childbirth through positive visualizations. Practicing Prenatal Yoga eliminates the feeling of nausea and fatigue, back pain disappears and improves the work of the digestive system and the work of hormonal glands.

We also feel joyful and energized and share experiences with other moms.

Class includes breathing exercises, strength-adjusted exercises, stretching exercises, relaxation time, self-massage and meditation. 


Leja Katarina Lederer

Leja Katarina Lederer is a social scientist and yoga teacher (CYT 300) and a researcher of physical movements.
She wants to bring valuable knowledge from yoga, functional anatomy, breathing, intuitive movement, body practices for better well-being and one's own strength to as many people as possible in a useful and interesting way. She often incorporates Jin and Nidra yoga restorative techniques into practice in order to lead to states of body regeneration, nervous system relaxation, and rebalancing.

Firstly, because she wants to change the world and secondly, because she wants to help those who need exactly what helps her. In recent years, she has been doing this in a kind of anti-pop, no masses, way.

The current situation requires us to have even more stability and strength to cope with life within this often meaningless value system, and the feeling of being physically and mentally strong is usually reached in a simple way and with less effort than we initially thought. We are strong and resilient when we are relaxed and not tense.
The ancient cultures of China, Japan and India speak of a core point in the body that internally feeds us with life energy.

Hara, as the Japanese call it, is located just below the navel, where the most important juice lies, the elixir of vitality, liveliness, is our very essence. The samurai therefore honorably ended their lives by being stabbed in this very city. We become aware of this deep core, the center of our body in practice, through movement and directed breathing. We move and move and act from our core. In practice, personal and professional life.

Through simple and clear instructions, it directs you to new ways of being aware of your body and breathing. In doing so, a person uses hearing and listens. There is less viewing and imitation, we do not want to put the body into a mold, the shape and expression of the body are as free as possible and come from our own body intelligence, where the intention is to find our own way to exercise and perform the position. In the description, she uses words that the person hears and recognizes feelings and sensations in oneself, and turns everything into movement. In this way, we encourage intuition, self-awareness, that the practitioner trusts oneself and is confident in movement, strong, has knowledge and experience. This will leave a strong mark.


Leja Katarina Lederer at the Wellbe Open Stage


My Integral Breathing teacher said that breath is an expression of our soul and that it inspires us.

What is optimal breathing for current physical needs, how do we breathe as individuals and society?
How to recognize irregular breathing patterns, hyperventilation and how breathing can effectively alleviate and reduce stress.

We combine the breath and the body in our own rhythm into a harmonious and energy-saving movement to release the stiffness in the body and get the lymph into motion, which leads to significantly better well-being of the body. Deliberate, conscious breathing heals a person and provides the body with grounding, strength and support.


Do I know how to stop in life, set boundaries and respect them when situations require it of me?
When I feel like I’m staging a rebellion and maybe stepping into a field of pain and tension. How to find the right posture and position in physical practice and experience with more feeling and gradually increasing the boundaries, perhaps to reflect it all into everyday life.

The way of life shapes our bodies and often it is not only physical tensions that present us with problems - our bodies also lovingly carry psychological burdens; all our emotional (emotional) experiences (expressed or unexpressed) are loaded into body tissues in the form of tension. We respond with emotions to the environment, relationships, stress, or traumatic experiences. It is not uncommon to experience intense, extreme, and unexpected feelings of fear, anger, or sadness during practice, to shed tears, or to feel extreme satisfaction. We are alive all the time and our body reflects everything. Can we accept this at least to some extent? The principle of yin yoga is acceptable to anything that wants to be expressed at a given moment.

wellbe znak
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Wellbe Festival is a unique place of wellbeing, a festival of exceptional people, which will take place on June 3rd – 5th, 2022 in Bled. The festival will host international and domestic lecturers / guests / speakers, who will present content and knowledge through more than 100 workshops.

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